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Wild at the Zoo!

Wild at the Zoo, the very first KidQuest Science Adventure pack, is now for sale at http://www.e-junkie.com/kidquestscienceadventures.

Wild at the Zoo makes the perfect educational companion to any trip to the zoo by teaching kids all about the wild things they’ll find.  Filled with activities and games they’ll complete before, during and after their trip, Wild at the Zoo lets kids from ages 5-12 explore and discover the world of zoo animals. The package contains a student workbook filled with over two dozen pages of information, games, and activities, and a parent/teacher guide with discussion points, added teaching elements, and answers.

Wild at the Zoo Samples are Here!

Wild at the Zoo Samples are Here!

Free sample copies of the new Wild at the Zoo student guide will be available this week by request. Wild at the Zoo is the perfect fun and educational companion for any trip to the zoo.  With activities for before, during, and after your trip you and your kids will get a full dose of animal science and have a blast doing it.

The full Wild at the Zoo package will include a parent/teacher guide (with extra direction, added resources, and teaching tips), full student guide (with lots of activities, games, and discovery experiences), and support information (I’m always happy to help with teaching tips and more info about the topics.)  Full Wild at the Zoo packages will be available for sale in November 2012.

Send us an email to reserve yours today!

Welcome to KidQuest Science Adventures

Welcome science lover!  You’ve found a great resource for getting kids outdoors and excited about science. In the coming weeks you’ll find resources, links, articles and materials  making science fun and interactive.  Stay Tuned!

If you have suggestions or recommendations for activities to be included, let me know.  you can find all of my contact info one the About Us page.

Let the adventure begin!